Traverse City - Grand Traverse 2010 YTD Home Sales

I have calculated the updated 2010 home sales data for Traverse City and Grand Traverse County and have posted the information below. The sales statistics compare housing sold in Grand Traverse County from January 1, 2010 through April 30, 2010 to the same time period in 2009 and 2008. This includes the townships of Acme, Blair, East Bay, Fife Lake, Garfield, Grant, Green Lake, Long Lake, Mayfield, Paradise, Peninsula, Union, Whitewater, and the City of Traverse City. As you can see in the charts, home sales statistics in Traverse City & Grand Traverse County are looking very promising so far this year! The number of houses sold YTD is up over 42% from this time last year (2009) and volume is up over 41%! We are even seeing greater sales and volume than in 2008! This is very good news for the local real estate market and is a huge indication that we have already seen the bottom of the market. Average sales price and median sales price have remained very steady as well!

-Jonathan Oltersdorf

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