2016 Leelanau County Equalization Reports

2016 Leelanau County Equalization Reports

If you visit the Leelanau County Equalization website you can view and download dozens of interesting reports dealing with the real estate values throughout Leelanau County.  The equalization director Laurie Spencer does a tremendous job providing information to the public.

A couple of facts that stood out to me in comparing 2016 to 2015.

-Total parcels grew by 195 parcels or just +0.77%.
-Total assessed value increased by +3.07%
-Total taxable value increased by +1.82%
-Leland Township holds the most real estate value in the county, followed by Glen Arbor Township, and then Leelanau Township.
-Residential property makes up 89.5% of the real estate value in Leelanau County.
-The top payer of property taxes in Leelanau County is Consumers Energy Company, followed by Bayberry Group Inc (Homestead), Toms Food Market Inc, and DTE Gas Company.

Photos provided by Leelanau County Equalization

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