October 2009 Home Sales Data

You can find below the home sales data for October, 2009 within the Traverse City 5-county area (Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Antrim, Kalkaska, Benzie).

5-County AreaSold HomesDollar VolumeAverage PriceMedian Price

OCT . 2009207$35,128,554 $169,703$135,000
SEPT. 2009197$38,862,024 $197,269$136,000

OCT . 2008

191$39,313,039 $205,827


Similar to previous months more homes are selling than in the month before. Dollar volume, average price and median price are down. The third quarter of 2009 was very strong for many of the local real estate companies and this has continued into October as the bottom end of the market and the affordable family homes have remained the strongest segment of the market. This will only continue through the winter as the first time home buyer credit has been extended.

This report is based upon sales information obtained from the Traverse Area Multiple Listing Service from October 2008, September 2009, and October 2009. Undisclosed sales are not included in the data.

-Jonathan Oltersdorf